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Get A Boost To Your Energy Levels With Acupressure

acupressure matAn acupressure mat is a light and portable mat covered on one side in ABS spiked flowers intended to activate special acupoints on the human body by means of acupressure. This mat follows the same theory as the ancient bed of nails that dates back thousands of years, however in this case there are 8820 ABS plastic spikes providing the pressure points When these points are pressed the therapeutic process will begin. On the spikeless side of the Yantra Mat you’ll notice an Indian icon, the Yantra. This word originates from the Sanskrit term “yan”, this means form, and tra, which means free.

Health Benefits

Acupressure mats enhance your well-being simply by helping you feel incredibly calm, relieves pains and leaves you feeling energised and revitalised. The enhanced circulation you get from making use of the mat means lower blood pressure levels and also better nutrient supply. Acupressure may even stimulate the production of endorphins, your body’s own pain killers and happiness bodily hormones.

The Yantra Mat works on the principle of acupressure. By pressing 12 Meridians around the body it helps to release muscular tension, promote circulation of blood and may aid the body’s natural healing process.

These mats are ideal for everyone who wants to have more energy and also improve their wellbeing. Should you be pregnant or nursing you should not use acupressure mats Children may use the Yantra Mat as long as there is always an adult present.


You can use the Yantra Mat in almost any feasible position Some basic positions provided on : are on your back (It’s the position that i would suggest starting with), belly, on a chair (you position the mat on a chair or sofa and then sit on it), and resting your cheek against it. When you use it on your back your meridian areas down your backbone get stimulated causing muscles down the spine relaxing and the production of happy hormones. When on your tummy all the acupressure areas along your stomach get stimulated relaxing your muscles, this results in good digestive function. Being seated on it: your buttock muscles relax. It also boosts blood circulation in this area.

304 individuals have been surveyed, 92% women and 8% men.
Most owners said when questioned they use the Yantra Mat for pain alleviation
90% mat surveyed declared that the Mat did meet expectations
Nearly all of those surveyed said that they would certainly recommend anyone else to use one

Does It Work?

I must say that I’m really impressed with the effects from the use of the Yantra Mat and I’m not somebody easily impressed nor do I find myself effected by the placebo effect. Having my body subjected to all those sharp points at the same time under my body weight, the effect incredibly effective. It is very spiky! At first I used it without a t-shirt on, no chance, I couldn’t bear the pain. I scratched a finger on the ABS spikes and there was some blood, ensure young children can’t get at it.