Ingrown Fingernails

I get ingrown fingernails from time to time and I think it has to do with the way I cut my nails. Is there any certain way to go about it?


Ingrown Nails is a nail disorder that happens when the nail grows into the nail wall. It generally happens when nails are cut improperly or sometimes when the nail is filed too far into the nail walls.

rubbing alcohol

I have a very sore and infected ingrown fingernail, I cant afford to go into the doctor for this, so I was wondering what I could do to help it, such as rubbing alcohol? if not what could I buy to help it?

I need help finding an in home cure or remedy for my ingrown fingernail, it hurts a lot and it very puffy, what can I do or what kind of medicine can I buy at the drug store to help?

I have gone though ingrown toenails to fingernails, and I have only one thing to say about it OWW! These hurt, and if you pick at it or try to fix it, it is possible for it to get worse or infected. The only thing I could recommend is to see a doctor, the longer you wait the longer it will hurt.

I need some thing I could use to help an ingrown fingernail my thumb is the one with it it is red hurts and is very puffy what could I use for it that is not at a outrageously high cost if you have any info please let me know

My finger started hurting last night, and I thought it was just something stupid, and I thought it would go away, but it is still hurting loads today, and it has gone quite red. I bite my fingernails, so they are all quite short, how do you tell if it is an ingrown fingernail?

Hot water

I have an ingrown fingernail. normally I’ll fix it but this time its all the way in the back.What I found out helps is running it in warm to hot water for a while then it soothes down and the nail gets softer weaker than you can mess with it. or leave it. and do the hot water thing a couple times a day.