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Time Warner (cable) has an exercise channel on demand, which simply means you can start videos when you want and stop and fast forward and whatever, so, I just spent the morning watching the billion videos they have, I mean we’re talking Carmen Electra and buns of steel and all those. there’s yoga, pilates, belly dancing…. too many to mention. I discovered the only one that really made me want to get up and do it is Billy Blanks Tae Bo. It’s super fast paced and he talks through the whole thing motivating you to keep going. I have decided I’m going with that one. I will be using the boot camp body wrap too! They even have like this 5 day plan where there’s 5 different 20 min work out videos so you do one each day, I guess a bit like muscle confusion. all I know is I’m going to be sweating like the little pig who knows he’s dinner it better freaking work !!!! LOL

Are any of you guys using videos? If so, which ones and how long are the work outs?

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  1. Melinda_green

    I’m not very coordinated so I like to learn one routine & stick to it until I outgrow it, which hasn’t happened in years. My favorite instructor is Kathy Smith, I have a really old one from the 90’s that I used for years, it was perfect for me. Now I have 2, 1 is called Functionally Fit Peak Fat Burning, its an interval workout with aerobics & non aerobic excesise. I USED to be able to make it through this video plus another strait thru but nowadays I only make it about 1/2 way through. I havent done it in a few weeks, this week I’ve done wii fit & the challenges here. Kathy’s other video I have is more fun than aerobic, its belly dancing. I dont know much about belly dancing other than what I did on the video but I thought it was fun and helped tone the abs & it sure makes you feel sexy.

  2. salesmanswidow

    WOW. I don’t have time warner..we have cox. Too bad, cause that sounds so cool that you have all that VOD to choose from! Ours is a pretty lame selection. LOL! have fun!!!

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